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5 Reasons You Gave Them The Finger

Humans were designed with two hands with each containing five fingers. They all serve some sort of purpose in life and this post will look at 5 reasons you gave them the finger. You can use either hand as each will relate to the same meaning(s).

They say growing up is hard to do and in reality, it is. By the time you reach you 60s, one has acquired many experiences and if you were to tally them up, well let’s just say, it would take more fingers than you have and most likely would have to borrow a few from a friend.


It Starts With The Thumb – Just Like It

You see it everywhere! The person next to you, in television shows, Facebook…

Humorous Thumb Is One Reason You Gave Them The Finger

OK so you like it. Let the world know how you feel about it. What else can you use your thumb for? Let take a look.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that maybe you don’t like something and would rather use this digit to reflect that. How many gladiators in history were slain in the end because someone gave a negative view just by using their thumb? First person to answer that question will get a like from me!

When you were younger, the thumb was a great instrument to let others know that you just needed a ride. Most likely cause there weren’t enough funds to pay for a cab or take the bus. Sure beat walking for miles and was a great way to travel across the land.

Now in your 60s, it most likely means that you either have a flat tire or the battery on your broomstick died. Either way, you have someplace to be.

The thumb is quite a remarkable digit as it likes your other fingers and tries hard to work together with them. Without it, life would be more difficult. Try zipping up or down without using your thumb. Hmmmm! How about tying your shoe laces? You’re gonna be here a while.

Closing baggies filled food items, giving someone an OK sign. One of my favorites would be to watch people try to flick boogers without using a thumb. Music would seem kind of baseless without some kind of rhythm and getting someone’s attention sans snap, well just forget about it.

Pies would become untasted (poor Jack) and there would be no more rules.

While many nations see the thumb as a positive gesture, other meanings can be misconstrued. In some parts of the Middle East, what seemed like a good thing towards American GI’s was actually just the opposite when viewed by many experienced travelers. Considered as an ultimate insult when used, it is a shame they don’t like where the sun shines.

The Index Finger – Just Pointing It Out

There’s a file called Rolodex you can use this hardworking digit to look through the various entries stored there.

It can be used to give direction to the lost, or to appoint The Social Finger Is One of 5 Reasonsa task and even to search through electronic equipment. Sexagenarians can remember using the index finger on rotary dial phones and of course on push buttons ones too.
You, you and you, over there! Go this way and don’t do that. In reality, the index finger should really be called the communication finger. While one can “walk this way”, chances are someone had to point out which way that is.

Does size matter? According to several studies, yes. In relation to the length of the ring finger, the index finger tells them whether you are a good soldier, mathematician, status of potential health, faithfulness, and even speaks about your sexuality.

Many hand surgeons will even tell you that if you were to lose any single digit, this would be the one. Thanks but I will keep mine.

The index finger is also a great tool for scratching an itch, loosening the end of a roll of tape, threading a needle and many, many more things. As part of the 5 reasons you gave them the finger, I personally would have to choose option “X”. Giving to a grandchild to pull on.

The Middle Finger – Oh Yeah That One

OK, so we are all adults here (presumably) and therefore, won’t be ashamed to use it.The Most Controversial Reason To Give Them The Finger

It has become so much a part of our nature in terms of expressions that out of all the digits, this one has the most controversy on one’s feelings and attitudes. From a gentle kidding to a resounding statement.

The middle finger goes by several names and some of which are just not polite.

In Roman times, it was known as the digitus impudicus (the offensive one) and used between 86 to 103 AD by the poet Marcus Valerius Martialis in the writings of his twelve books

In 419 BC, Greek playwright, Aristophanes referred to the middle finger in his puns within his comedies. So much history, and who knew?

This digit is known as an international one, but is not used in the same way by all countries. With a long history, and provocative meaning one should become familiar with local customs of the country they are visiting and how to properly use it. In the U.S., using this finger is considered protected free speech as it is not a threat but merely an opinion of one’s beliefs or angers.

Used as part of a set, the middle finger is considered a tool. It can be used for counting, pointing, and great to play a string or electric bass with. A good strong grip would not be if it weren’t for this finger as it is part of the triad of the strongest digits of the hand which also include the thumb and index fingers.

There are no boundaries and the primate world seems to understand the importance of using the middle finger to express their views against humans. Early in 2016, wildlife photographer, Jari Peltomäki, was in the right place, at the right time, to capture a moment of expression from an angry macaque monkey. The photo can be seen where it appeared in dailymail.co.uk

The Ring Finger – Two Words

First thing that comes to mind would naturally be the “wedding ring” finger.

The Ring Finger Is The Most Expensive of the 5 ReasonsIt all starts with two simple words. I Do! It’s a dead give-away. Tells the entire world you are married. Out of the 5 reasons you gave them the finger, this is undoubtedly one with all the faith based, tradition instilled, as well as another two word name that I will call, “world’s costliest”.

Sexagenarians understand the value of being in a successful marriage and that takes for a long term commitment from two people. However, as we shall see in a moment, there is another side to this digit that needs to be looked at.

In ancient times, it was believed that this finger carried a vein (vena amoris ) that was routed straight to the heart.

It is also considered as the weakest digit as it requires many of its muscular needs to come from the third digit. More has been written about this finger being associated with rings than about anatomy and it is difficult to find any real ground shaking information.

There are two sides to every story and the ring finger is no exception. Just as it can cause many years of bliss, a darker side has been know to destroy lives. It all starts when things begin to go sour. You spent a lot of money on buying the ring (presumably a large diamond engagement ring) followed by many years of togetherness with your soulmate.

OK so now it starts to go south. The “D” word enters the picture. That finger will now cost you. A lot!. Depending on your station in life, the lawyer will be the first, followed by your target, the spouse. Hopefully there are prenuptial in place, otherwise half of that pro ball team goes and so do all those tall skyscrapers you spent your life building.

If you are the proud parent of a young child, chances are you will remain that way(owing) until they reach a certain age. A lot of questions will be asked about the other spouse and of you, and in your mind, the answers you will give most likely will resemble the previous digit, the third finger.

Hey, I’m in my 60’s and I can say that.

The Little Finger – Just Call Me Pinky Pinky Swearing Is Part of the 5 Reasons You Gave Them The Finger

Do you swear? This isn’t about cuss words and no blood is needed. Make me a promise and don’t make me triple dog dare you. Traditional lore (outside of the U.S.) have brought with it that, should one break a promise, lopping off all or part of the finger was to be punishment.

It may be small and consisting of only 9 muscles, but fear not as 50% of your hand strength comes from this little guy. It does not play well with others,except for the thumb.

The pinky finger (aka: the little finger, the 5th digit) can also be thought of as an accessory finger. One can acquire rings made just for the little guy and can be seen partially crooked during tea time. On the medical front, a curved pinky is often related to autism and as many as 59 other conditions.

When used as a demeanor, it is often used to refer to the lack of size of a man’s penis and if I am correct, Australia, did a promotion against speeders (males) in that maybe they were making up for the lack of size in their anatomy.

A Final Thought – Putting It Together

So my spouse say’s she is in need of a hand to fix dinner. Guess I’ve got to start waving bye – bye for this post and would like to close with the following:

No matter how you use the fingers of your hands, there are reasons for each and every action. It is at this point that I would like to extend my entire hand to each and every one of you in friendship, trust and everlasting peace to all men, women and children alike without prejudice.

Come back soon and please feel free to comment on this post.

That’s my show

Poppa Joe

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