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Calendar Days To Remind Us Of Our Daily Dose

For most, it begins when we arise. Need to have it right off the bat, no waiting around, just give it to me! Others are willing to wait for a short time before getting their fix on but without a doubt, they will need it.

When you are in your 60s, an automated mechanism takes over from years and years of repetitive actions that we have inserted into our daily lives. Things we find that cannot be left out to make us whole. A daily dose can come from any direction or part of life that we have chosen to fulfill and in some cases, even from a bottle of some kind.

Time to go explore what some of those needs, that are so dear to our hearts, that one just can’t live without.


The Morning Joe- Make Mine Black A Daily Dose Of Coffee

Waking up for many can be a time of confusion until that first cup gets into our systems. A bit groggy still but getting that water into the coffeemaker followed by the wonderful aroma from the fresh ground or packaged container full of dark stuff then hitting the brew button to bring us back to reality.

90% of us are addicted to coffee and consume it in various ways, whether it is liquid as plain cupful of the hot steamy stuff or in a soda. It is not the coffee itself but the caffeine contained within those beans that grabs our attention without our realizing it. On average a person consumes 200 mg (2 cups), while others have a heartier need and get that extra cup.

So why does coffee fit here? The short answer is that we need it and without it, some can’t function. We are talking about a legal drug here that goes without any restrictions as to age or amount that can be consumed. Caffeine knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. The problems start not when using it, but rather when we quit.

So what happens when it is removed from our daily life? Difficulty in thinking, headaches, maybe blurred vision. Being irritable and experience lack of energy. Muscle aches, nauseousness and maybe even some flu-like symptoms. This is almost reminiscent of nicotine withdrawals and as we already know, many like to enjoy coffee with a smoke. Caffeine withdrawal is listed as a mental disorder due to its strong grip on our systems. Just as anyone can consume coffee, you are invited to go without so that you can experience those wonderful feelings yourself.

Spirituality – A Higher PowerA Daily Dose of Spirituality

Daily devotion to one’s religious beliefs is a very common core part of life all around the world. As adults mature, there tends to be a higher calling to something much greater than ourselves and that lends to a better balanced life in a much more fulfilling way than when we were younger.

Sexagenarians are wiser in thought and therefore have a different need in prayers being answered than those of say, 30 years their junior. There is no right or wrong as long as individuals keep striving to understand what is before them and how to deal with it.

Some will read scriptures on a daily basis, while others feel the need to attend a house of worship of their choice. Others yet would rather be out in nature to grasp the grandeur of it all. Such devotion can only enrich one’s life and being able to share with others who follow in the same paths can make for a strong united voice.

Through gatherings at local churches, many find that social interactions with like devotees, brings answers to a greater cause by having the ability to help those who may be less fortunate and in need of some help. Often times this will give one’s self a feeling of euphoria in the mind and the soul in knowing that they too, are just humble servants to a higher power.

The downside to this entails a more dangerous aspect. Wars! Mankind’s history has shown us that although we may give ourselves a daily dose of religion, the tendency to fail for the mere fact that someone else does not believe in the same way, causes rifts that more closely resemble politics rather that spirituality.

How would you look at a sexagenarian when it comes to being spiritual? Would they be your friend, counselor, mentor, or would you see them as your enemy, due to their set beliefs? How one see’s someone else’s belief that differs is a matter of opinion, but how one reacts could put them closer to cult like mannerisms.

Physical Performance – In Motion Working Out At the Gym For A Daily Dose of Health

For many older generation adults, wanting to remain in shape is still forefront on their minds as the physical needs to get through daily life requires much energy and stamina. Surely the grand kids will be needing to have some fun in a manner that will require your being able to keep up with them in some form.

It’s good for the heart and for the mind. A daily walk, hour long workout at the local gym, or even a light jog has the ability to keep one’s youth going strong. For some, a local YMCA or YWCA can be a simple answer, and for those on Medicare, programs such as SilverSneakers can be just the answer you’re looking for. Most programs you will find are either of no charge or at minimum cost. Just be sure to ask for any senior discounts that you may qualify for.

Used to be that keeping up with the Joneses was the thing to do, and now-a-days, just being able to get through our daily tasks can be demanding. Got guts? Go ahead and invite the grandchildren for a sleepover and find out how much energy you will expend to keep up.

Vacations are made for resting, but at the same time, sightseeing, taking in shows, going out for dinners, camping and hiking, all require keeping active and in motion for what seem like endless hours. Want to rest? Consider going fishing! All fun and well worth the time to invest in one’s self to keep fit and in motion. Spot and Fido want you to play fetch with them. Fred and Ethel want you to go dancing with them and for the Jefferson’s, its bowling night and they need you as a sub on the team.

It all takes a lot of energy and being able to physically perform on a daily basis is a must in anyone’s life in today’s society.

Take Once Daily – I Feel Good Daily Dose of Supplements for A Healthier You

A daily dose of what makes us feel better is always a good thing and to this end the options are almost endless. For many sexagenarians this will come in the form of prescribed medications from a health professional or from a food source that is trusted.

Other sources also come in the form of your local retailer or better yet, an online merchant offering vitamins & supplements at discount pricing. Good for your health, good for your heart, and that can have a very positive effect on your psyche. Just as we brush our teeth on a daily basis, a good regiment of what makes us feel good can have lifelong lasting effects and when you are in your 60s, that can make a big difference.

It’s Hard To Be Humble – Freedom From Arrogance

It’s all about me, me, me… Used to be that way years ago, at least at some point in time in our youths. Something changes when you age and things start to look a bit differently. Physically they may not change but how we perceive them just might. By the time you reach your more mature years, the views on what has been forever, begins to take on a more variant meaning. One can remain stoic and resolute throughout their sexagenarian years but the reality of it all is that we are powerless over the big picture. The Galaxy Gives Us A Daily Dose of Everything

Earth is such a vast place and yet so small that it is merely a pale blue dot in an endless universe. Mere micro atoms is what we should really be considered and if one could put all the known universe on the head of a pin, it would give us the reality of just where we stand in the big picture.

The same goes true for the things here at home (Earth) that humanity is just a small pixel on a large canvas. Feeding the hungry, giving shelter, listening to someone else’s problems, and just caring for those who either have never been taught how to do it themselves or are not physically able to . As people, we are weak and yet so very strong in many ways in that we have the abilities to make things better for others while at the same time giving up for our own selves for the betterment of mankind.

Humility is a virtue and it can begin by a daily dose of looking in the mirror, not at how we look, but as to who we are. Giving praise to those that deserve it, accepting that one is powerless over the fate of humanity and just flat out caring about other’s needs being put before your own.

For sexagenarians, becoming humble can start when we enter our second childhood with maturity and wisdom. A sort of new a beginning chapter in our lives. It is my hope that this article brings some insight to your life and you are more than welcome to comment by expressing your views. Please be kind and share this with a friend so that, they too can get a dosage of what is good in life.


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