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Welcome and thank you for reading About Poppa Joe, where I will delve into helping you to live well, comfortable and informed through posts and references to articles and tools to make your journey in your sixth decade of life as pleasurable and fun as possible.


About POPPA JOE – So It Begins

A couple of  years ago, life gave me a rude interruption and left me with several disabilities. Being a positive thinker and not wanting to feel defeated, getting back to living as best as possible became a daily challenge. Don’t fret too much as I am very much still functional in many ways, on good days. Too many things in life can affect us in negative ways and bowing to them can only mean being closer to the inevitable and at such a young age, this child is not ready to go just yet. Now having reached my sixties, life is showing changes that come about naturally and I like to focus on the positives.

The body changes, friends change, attitudes change, and so does family!

If You Can Learn and Love, You Win!

These years may just be some of the best you will encounter in your lifetime and by bringing you some insights, tools and some peace of mind, we all will get through them with ease and a great outlook in all we encounter.  Should you be interested in learning how you can use your passions and interests to help your fellow man, then please feel free to visit the #1 recommended platform to get you started at no cost.

The skills you can learn by educating yourself will stay with you for the rest of your life, and the best part, you can share it with others and teach them to do the same.

A Smile, A Laugh and A New Friend

I want to make you smile ….maybe even make those dentures start clacking again. 10,000 ways to use peanut butter as a weapon sure can’t hurt and finding out how to use it that way might just a lot of fun.

Making friends that you can relate to, and to be able to share with each other about how to solve problems that come up regarding age issues is always a plus.  Every day you will encounter folks just like you and wouldn’t you know it, they share similar ideas, problems, and experiences.

From all over the world, new insights can make living life much better through the sharing and caring with others and when you realize that, as in this case, it isn’t just about Poppa Joe, it’s about all of us.  Therefore, for myself, writing tends to be the most natural vehicle of communicating and sharing those moments with you.  In person, should we ever meet is always a joy and makes the sexagenarian years pass with ease.

Life’s An Adventure – Go Out and Live It

Nothing stopping you from getting out there and having fun.  Even a disabled person should be capable of living it up, whether it is only on occasion or regularly.  Just like a friend of mine who is confined to a wheelchair and can barely speak, loves to take the ladies dancing and has a fantastic joie de vivre sense about him.  Not letting the obvious detract from having a bit of fun is like a right, a right to enjoy life for all it’s worth.  So go out there and live your dream.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Welcome to my show!

Poppa Joe

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