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Electronics play a big part in our everyday lives, and computers have become a necessary tool.  Today we want to look at what are the best computer reading glasses to ease the strains that are being put upon our eyesight causing unseen stress in our daily lives.

Don’t sacrifice being able to read just because your eyesight is changing as you age. Millions of people are afflicted with eyesight that diminishes over the years and when that happens, reading glasses can come to the rescue. There are glasses for everyday reading and then, there are glasses that are designed for a more particular reason.


More and more maturing adults find their materials online, whether reading a novel on electronic equipment or looking over materials online for a business. Not all glasses are exactly the same just as not everyone needs the same strength or values for their reading needs.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome and how it affects you.  What you need to know.

The Pike Place Computer Reader




Whether its for business or pleasure, these readers will reduce your eye stress to give you a more pleasurable reading experience for all your electronic reading needs.



The Fairbanks



These computer readers are designed with a classic retro look and are sure to add to your character whether you are a man or woman. Get ready to get compliments on your choice of this style glasses.


The Dash



A simple look for a modern day style with lenses that will help reduce eye strain and stress for all your computer work. Now you are ready to grab their attention with this pair from the best computer reading glasses list.

The Harley



With a bold stylish look, these lightweight and sturdy readers made our list of the best computer reading glasses for the value they offer.  Just be sure to let them know that you really are into Harley’s.

For other reading glasses for everyday non-computer needs check out these stylish classic and modern readers.

Eye health in all forms are important and to those of you past 40 and even into your sexagenarian years, it is even more so. We don’t tend to see as well as our age progresses and just like hearing, eyesight tends to deteriorate and becomes a hindrance in being able to enjoy a happy stress free life.

It is my intention to provide you with solutions to common everyday problems when you are going through your 60’s and have found that being able to read without stress to the eyes is a natural to fit within the body shop.  Please take care of your eyes and keep them healthy for a better you.

Happy reading!

Poppa Joe

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