Fashion Color Trends Of 2019 – Fall Edition

It’s that time of the year when change begins to happen and the fashion color trends of 2019 could be one of the best showings of the last decade.  To understand how nature makes the decisions for us as to what will be seen and worn, one must first look at the situation that requires those changes in the first place.

Granted, for us old-timers (sexagenarians), we are not about to go around wearing the same clothing that a 20 or 30 something considers fashionable.  We wear belts to keep up our pants and don’t mind a couple of inches of belly fat making a bulge in our shirts.  Let’s press on.

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Looking Hot Keeping Cool   

Springtime is always what is thought of as a season of colors, bright and cheery.  Autumn, on the other hand, makes one think of the cooling temperatures, warm fires, and looking towards bringing out those seasonal articles of clothing that will start to keep the breeze off your back just a bit longer.

It’s near the end of camping season and a time when rifles are getting ready for the upcoming hunting season (12-gauge for quail, duck, goose, turkeys, etc… .22 rifles for small game, rabbits, squirrels, etc…  30.06 for deer, black bear, elk… .375 H&H for moose, elk, and anything else of giant size), but what to wear is a different story.

Bright orange comes to mind very quickly for all those hunters out there.  It is a tradition and will most likely not end anytime soon and to keep up appearances, not only are baseball cap and knit hat styles in order, so are those adorable looking vests.  Combined with a dark-colored jacket and pants, you will fare out at keeping warm during this cooling period.

Don’t let those colors fool you.  Any old-timer can tell you that the game you may encounter if they have any decency at all, will see you well before you ever get there.  They will pass on the word to other denizens of the forest and all that chuckling is about you and your choice of garb.

Are they safe colors?  Not as much as we think.  According to the International Hunter Education Association, there are incidences of injuries and fatalities each year and whether accidental or just plain stupidity ( Dick Cheney incident) is up to the individual reader to decide.  Many of the events had absolutely nothing to do with the choice of colors, but then again, my eyesight can tell the difference between fowl and blaring orange.

Rest assured that most likely you will make it back to camp to enjoy another fine meal and tell another tale all the while hefting a round or two of your favorite swill.

While still thinking of the onset of fall, there seems to be a consistent color trend in the nation’s capital.  RED  While many of the ties being worn with those blue suits are of the said color, it seems that there are a lot of faces turning the same shades.  Whether out of anger or embarrassment, who knows, maybe a bit of yellow might make some of these folks a bit more mellow.

Depending on where one lives, graying skies,  accompanied by rainfall, nature works hard to keep things green for just a bit longer.  While the Mamas & Pappas were a bit premature on the release of one of their hit songs (August 28, 2001), maybe they were just thinking about the future of the color of the leaves.

An October To Remember 

Even before September ends, eyes start looking to one of the fall’s busiest months.  A blend of greens going to red and yellowing occurs annually and sometimes that can even be in a backyard.  Plump and ready to pick, apples come to mind and so does the season of making ciders and bottles of vinegar.

Then comes October and each year, the fine folks over at Pantone give us their take on what colors will be in style for both clothing and eventually even the colors of paint that go on the walls, and without any disappointment, this seasons colors such as chili pepper, dark cheddar, and biking red are part of their palette.  Does that mean that we can’t pull out an old burgundy colored cardigan to don as we sit by the fire while sipping on a fine glass of merlot and tying flies?  No, definitely not.

I’m 62 years old and I don’t want to change what I relish in wearing.  However, unless an addition of brown patches applied over the elbows of an old sweater, whatever warm-colored plaid shirt I may be wearing beneath will surely be seen through the worn areas.

It is a season of changes and rain will be plenty in the forecasts.  One must remember that tan trenchcoats are not well seen by drivers against black pavements that reflect the traffic signal lights when wet.  Be smart and find something brighter that will tell them that you are there or stay on the sidewalks so drivers can aim for the puddle you are approaching.

Darkness will come soon enough and will mix well with colors such as orange, black, white or any other color that goes with spooky as we go about creating this year’s costumes for the festive Halloween celebration.  The only thing that should be bright is all those eyes that espied wrapped candies being handed out to them.

Some of you might be amazed that some of the reapings from our youths can still be found, and with just a click of a mouse, you too can help educate the current herds of ghosts and goblins as to what real candy is about.  Take a look and find your favorites here while you still have time before the festivities begin.

For the many of us mature adults, while the young’uns are still walking around like its summer, we are busy enjoying the outdoors.  It is a time when the donning of hoodies worn under medium jackets that all blend in well into the environment is ideal.

Recently, yours truly took advantage of a friendly invitation to get out and go offroading.  While it is a thrill-seekers paradise (see photo above), proper attire is still called for.  In this case, out for a ride high into mountains and reaching the snowlines all the while sitting snugly in a side by side vehicle, layers are a good rule of thumb.

While thinking that this post was going to be all about the colors of the clothing to wear, once outdoors, it becomes more about the beauty of nature itself than anything else.  Go forth and explore.

Getting Ready To Ski   

As fall continues to deepen, the annual rush to the mountain slopes takes on greater importance.  By now the leaves are brown and most likely the winds have dismissed them from their owners for the year.  For many, proper clothing for the slopes will be important and now is a good time to acquire the latest in ski fashion.

While most will tell you that when it comes to their sport of choice, the cost of wearables is meaningless.  Jackets from $$$ and into the thousands are mandatory to look chic on the slopes.  Turtlenecks, ski pants, boots that mean something, and a good pair of gloves make for a decent starter package.  Of course, most veterans of the sport already have most of what is needed, but just in case, there are always new trends to wear.

Already the nights are getting much cooler (we’ve already had snow) and rooftops have more frost that the inside of the freezer.  It’s a great time of the year as the majority of the firewood is neatly stacked, camping trailers securely bundled up, and ski lifts are being greased, and inspected for an upcoming season.

It is going to be playtime and getting good seating to watch who’s coming down the slopes can be fun, and yet keeping warm is just as important.  I mention this because this year, my spouse and I found a very decent place with good food and drinks that afford an unprecedented viewing of the slopes in Jackson, Wyoming.  While there, make sure that you find your way to the StillWest Brewery.

We enjoy traveling whenever possible and finding great establishments makes it all worthwhile.  So be sure to stop in and say howdy to these fine folks.

Are You Well Seasoned?

Let’s face it, we all love being outdoors and having many reasons to enjoy it can make life quite fulfilling.  To an artist, the beauty of the colors is inspiration enough to create the next masterpiece.  To a designer, coming up with not only a combination of colors but that of a design not seen before makes for a daunting task.

Grandmothers quietly sitting in their rockers and knitting a new scarf or a warm pair of mittens is a scene that is sure to be repeated all over the world with recipients still unaware of their upcoming gifts.

With yours truly, being a weaver, going out to the forests and lakes at this time of the year give the mind plenty of ideas while the colors dance and continuously, keep changing at every turn.  What new patterns and how they are going to be put together is a fun way to give me a reason to have plenty of drawing pads and colored pencils to keep busy until it’s time to put the threads to the loom or tablets.

Another fun part of fall is for those that keep the air alive with smokers filled with varieties of meats.  The scents and aromas tend to waft endlessly throughout neighborhoods and countrysides for all to wake up those senses that give great memories to savor.  Elk sausages, autumn jerky’s and soon, turkeys will make their appearances on dinner tables and lunch bags that will tell us that this is a season to forever remember.

Fashion Color Trends of 2019   

What were recently white barks on trees, now take on a more silvery hue and when contrasted against colorful leaves and a blue sky, nature is telling us that she is well.

Just as with most animals, they prepare by the thickening of their furs and stashing of supplies, man is no exception.  Outdoor workers and hunters bring out their Carhartt wear and wool socks to justify the changing of the season and signals to them to fill thermoses with steaming hot coffee or cocoas.

In a few weeks, the donning of this year’s team knit hats will begin to make their debuts on sidelines in stadiums all around the country.  Will much have changed?  Perhaps a different arrangement of the same colors will give them a new spin but then again, most teams are named after an animal or creature from in life that all reflect colors that are adopted into what we wear.

For now, a grilled cheese made with dark cheddar is in the works along with a warm cup of amber tea while watching the neighbors rake all the fallen leaves to be hauled away for another year.  Some will be smart and combine them with newspaper and water to be compressed in a bucket and then drained and left to dry to make simple logs to keep them warm at camp or in the fireplace.

For those of you that thought fashion color trends of 2019 were going to be all about clothing, I apologize.  For those that love nature, a round of applause echoes through the forests and valleys.  While nature is wild, it is a great inspiration to ideas and concepts that give the autumn season it’s own Oscar Award.  It is truly one of the most beautiful seasons that we encounter each year and we only have 3 others to choose from.

Pick your season and celebrate it with gusto.  I have chosen mine and even though it is beginning to fade, the idea’s from this year’s show will be put to good use in designs that will stay for many years to come.

Now get out of here and go out and play for a while so that you can savor the sights and smells that give life some meaning.

How will you cook your turkey?  Here are a couple of suggestions to consider.


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