Getting By With A Buzz

Getting By With A Buzz – Living In A Fog

It’s The Middle Of The Night – Too Much On The Brain!

Morning cup of JoeYou know that the boss wants everybody sharp and clear, especially on Mondays. Lots of goals to achieve for the week and as usual, corporate is breathing down your necks to get things done. They have a bottom line and that’s all that matters!

Going to be one of those weeks when the only way to get through it is going to require getting by with a buzz just to get started. Thank goodness the coffee maker is set to the strong setting. Okay, so now turn over and try to get a few hours of sleep.


Do I approach the boss with an alternative concept, go back and re-work the numbers? How would the product look if we changed the way it’s shaped? The commercial, when do they start the shoot?

So many questions running through my mind. Got to sleep, got to sleep. Toss, turn, pillow over the head, got to sleep.

Monday 6 AM Dammit – Clock Go Away

Stretch, yawn, keep the eyes closed for just a few more minutes.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Arrggghhhhh!

Stupid clock! Time to get up, it’s 6:20. Coffee or shower first? Coffee, then shower.

So the week begins with you under stress already. Too much Sunday night football? Game went into overtime, had just one more beer. Now the price has to be paid. You’ll manage though it, after all, being an adult means that you’re a pro at this. Besides, you’ve got coffee and that will keep you going – for a while at least.

Made it to the office on time and got started reviewing all the data before making the presentation…. It’s 10 AM… Time for another cup to keep you up and functioning. No sugar or it will mean a certain crash. Maybe an energy drink might be a better option, at least the bladder won’t keep filling up.

Alternative Venture – Time In A Bottle Getting By With A Buzz

You’re old for Christ’s sake! Sixty something and the road is now the life. “I am the party, the party of life”, you tell yourself. All my friends are down the street still huddled in their cardboard suites on a downtown sidewalk.

Modern times and a downtrodden drunk on the streets, Frank Gallagher ain’t got nothing on this. He’s crazy, way too many drugs and that just detracts from the buzz. His mindset is that he wishes this twofer Tuesday would mean extra shots down at the bar. At least down here, the wagon be comin’ around to check on us.

Most of today’s discernible street residents are part of societies homeless. This does not mean that they have much of a choice as life may have handed them a bad deck of cards. But a choice they do have. It’s a matter of making the decision of getting that much-needed fix to make reality look the other way, or face it head on and give up the easy life and the not caring.

Mad Dog, Thunderbird wine, Annie Green Springs, Boones Farm and just about any rotgut was the choice in the old days. A cheap bottle for a quick fix and all the problems get to go away and you, on with your day. In today’s world, just a small silver flask filled with whiskey will do the job.

Today, homelessness still teems aplenty in many cities, especially the west coast. The number alcohol reliant members have most likely declined in exchange for the prevalence of harder drugs. Still it’s a problem that many cities face and most think they have a handle on it’s less than fortunate citizens. The reality is that they don’t have any control on the situation regardless of which city you live in. If they did, this problem would not exist.

Plans were and are being formulated to take care of those less fortunate and still, none are perfect. For some localities, things went well for a while and then, as in Portland, Oregon, lets just raid the encampments and force them all to move to some place not called “our backyard”. Still, ideology like that only takes care of a small percentage of the population. In the meantime, another swig and I don’t care.

* For more information on the homeless population in America today, please use the link at the end of this post.

Wednesday – Time For A Break A Daily Buzz

So it’s still a rough week at work and you’re looking to get over that hump. A couple more years and retirement is looking at you head on. Just a wee bit of a break, no ones going to care, besides, it’s getting more legal everywhere these days.

Just seems too easy! A quick jaunt down the street and a visit to you’re local pot dealers store, or that so called friend hanging around at the corner is all you need. Then the hard part comes. What flavor do you want to explore this week? Something cushy, or maybe a zingy buzz might do the trick.

Pipe, bong, or a nicely rolled fat one? Maybe there’s nothing around one would call a decent method, so you grab a flashy empty soda can, punch a couple small holes, a carb on the end and away you go. One way or another, you’re gonna get that buzz on. Still yet, if at work, maybe something as simple as a blunt will do.

Marijuana has changed the way many people think about the drug. Sexagenarians are jumping on the bandwagon too, whether they are former users or new ones. It’s the new medicine for pain, anxiety and anything else you can think up. Can’t get there cause that knee’s bothering you? Call the delivery service and let them bring the smorgasbord of goodies to you. Old timers, they know that being a bit high lets you be social with the rest of those aging farts and you get to make some new friends. After all, didn’t they start this whole thing? Maybe the doc’s got some good munchies he can recommend. Hey, is that a candy bar he’s chewing on?

Hsssst, ear, it’s ur it!

* See Marijuana and the Aging at the end of this post for more information.

Throwback Thursday – Old Habits Getting A Buzz From Chew

Past the hump and heading to the weekend. Good day to dress comfortably. Favorite old sweater from the college days, you know, it’s the one with the big numbers of the back, just below your name. An old pair of jeans with the worn out knees and some comfy slip on shoes. Grab that tin of your favorite chew and off you go.

Just a pinch between the cheek and gums and in no time, there’s that nice tingling feeling you have come to enjoy so much. Grab a spit can and you’re ready to head downstairs or out to the shop and work on that favorite project.

So their you are just humming along, making sure no detail is left to question, it’ll make a great handmade present for her at Christmas. Now just a little suck on that chew juice and in a few moments, the heart beats just a tad faster. Now for the spit!

Users will swear that the little high you get is just enough to take the edge off and it’s socially acceptable. At least it doesn’t leave a wafting trail of smoke in the air for someone else to choke on. Cheaper that buying grass and that little tin fits nicely in the pocket.

The nicotine keeps you awake and you know darn well by now that it’s a no-no before bed. So why do you feel tired after the rush is gone? Those neurotransmitters have stopped being released and although the nicotine is a stimulant, the body gets fooled and before you know it, the dopamine has got it’s grip on you. You are now addicted!

It’s a cheap buzz and can be found just about anywhere. How much will this old habit set you back? Here’s a link that will let you see what you pay compared to other states. Chewing Tobacco Prices

Thinking of taking up this form of consuming tobacco, make sure you are aware of the side effect associated with it.

The Party People – It’s Your Shot Dancing With A Slight Buzz

It’s Friday night and time to get down, get a bit funky and show that gal of yours that you still got the moves. This is not about going out and getting flat out wasted, it’s about having a good time.

A quick shot of tequila for her, and a whiskey for you. Just enough to get things going and get on that dance floor for some much-needed stress relief and fancy footwork. Sounds like a plan! Sounds like fun!

After a while, time for that second shot. Make it Patrone for her, and a Johnny Walker for you. OK, there it is, just caught the buzz and now you get to find out if it’s true. Off comes her sweater and then followed by the shoes. Guess the song is true, tequila does make her clothes fall off.

Whether you are having fun dancing at a social club, or in one of the cities best renown hot spots, the music coming from the stage is sure to get your head to follow that beat. Hopefully the band knows just what gets the crowd going. You’ve got the energy, the beat, and having a great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Time for a last round!

Now you’re on your way home, driving up the avenue, bit of light rain has crept into the forecast and the lights are dancing on the pavement. Turn right and there it is. Dammed DUI checkpoint! You think to yourself, I am sober?

A bright beam from a flashlight, eyes a bit glassy, a nosy cop. How are you folks doing tonight? You check yourself by inventory of the hours prior. Am I OK? After a few minutes, he lets you pass and you are on your way home. Phew!

Saturday’s Child – The Home Work Grandchildren Doing Yardwork

Fresh bread baking in the oven, the smell of bacon wafts throughout the house, and a hot cup of Joe in your hands. Been a long week and still more to get done.

You stand at the window looking out at the yard. It’s fall and all those leaves are taking over your space. Your mind drifts back to a good time dancing last night, it was needed, it felt good.

Grandchildren coming over this afternoon so that the parents can go and get the shopping done. You don’t mind, after all, there are 3 rakes in the garage. Time for another cup and some breakfast.

With a bit more energy, now the time comes to get out and clean up that garage. Those tools don’t get put away by themselves and the floor needs sweeping. Get the wax out so you can make that car all shiny again, after all, that rain last night made it all spotty and dirty. Get the hose, mitt and some cleaning solution. Get to work.

By early afternoon, just before those 3 little angels arrive, you realize that a quick nap is just what the doctor ordered to be able to keep up with them. Only takes one….should last for the duration of the visit and the rest of the day. Congrats, those angels helped you get 7 bags stuffed with leaves and a great time was spent together.

Finally, the parents come to pick up the little darlin’s and are thankful for letting them spend time with you. A big hug from you and grandma along with a little pouch of candy each. A quick wipe of the remaining cocoa from the corners of their smiles and they are good to go. Hopefully they won’t be bouncing all over the place when they get home.

Now you can relax. Good wine and a movie while sitting in front of the fire sounds like a plan. Maybe you will both fall asleep in the recliners with the massager set to medium. You dream well!

The 7th Day – It’s Game On! The Sunday Game

Finally it’s here, Game day! Getting everything ready. Plenty of football snack helmets, case of beer, plenty of coasters, napkins, and seating. This living room stadium is gonna be filled with fans. Family and friends who love to yell and cheer their team on will occupy every seat and hang on every pass, made and caught.

The yard is done and the house is clean. No cost parking on the street and getting in the gate is easy, no ticket stub needed!

So now everyone’s gathered around that 65 inch 4K TV and they are about to kick off. This is just the first game of the day. It get’s loud, it gets exciting. After a while the women become just as boisterous as the men.

Another round of beers and small side bets keeps the guys engaged. The women gather around in the kitchen to share their favorite gossip and before you know it, half time is over.

By the time the second game gets to that long break, and the announcers analyzing what just happened, you realize that somebody’s got to go on a beer run. Another case ought to do it!

Now it’s Sunday night and it’s football. The game everyone has been waiting for. More snacks, more macho man talk and another round or two. The gals are still in their hot jersey’s with their favorite number plastered on it, now they are starting to talk just like the men. Woo… just a bit dizzy in the head and yet, no one seems to realize it.

It’s game over and your team won in overtime. Congratulations! You and the Mrs. finish cleaning up and sit just a spell with another beer. Quick trips to the bathroom and off to bed. It has been a good week and you were able pull it off by getting by with a buzz.

Monday 6 AM…

Homeless In America Today

Marijuana and the Aging

Smokeless Tobacco Facts


Well, I sure hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear any of your comments or suggestions. It’s still the early part of the season and there is much more to look forward to.

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