Jobs You Can Do With A Computer

Jobs You Can Do From Home With Your Computer

The beginning of the end of a long career does not mean that it has to be the end of you. Man or woman, we have all attained skills that can benefit the many. A great number of soon to be retirees often change careers for a variety of reasons. In this post, we will take a look at the world of jobs you can do from home with your computer that you can consider doing while still being able to keep your time intact for that freedom you so longed for.

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A Particular Set Of Skills – Second Nature

By the time you reach your sixties, what you went to school, studied, and trained for when you were younger has become a lifetime of learned skills and abilities that have surely made you a master of the trade. Jobs You Can Do From Home With Your Computer For others that have made it through without higher education degrees and toiled along endlessly throughout you work careers, you have also acquired some very essential abilities that are in demand.

Continuing to do the same line of work may not be your bag of tea and going into a different field, while enticing in thought, will not only require some basic skills you already possess, but also give one a chance to learn additional methods that can be implemented into a profitable 2nd career.

Let’s face it, you are either getting ready to retire, just recently retired, or have gotten bored with the routine and have some unspent energy that needs to be put to good use. You can either use existing skills or newly acquired ones and earn a couple of bucks while you’re at it. After all, it can help pay some bills, buy presents for a loved one, get you to where you may want to travel to. There is no shame in doing any of this, as life is difficult and any extra help is most always welcome.

What’s Your Setting – Easy, Normal, Or Hard

Just a quick look through on the internet and one can find literally thousands upon thousands of sites that all scream, come work with us, it’s easy. Yes they are. Some if not most will try to sell you on a pre-made website that you can market to your family and friends, all without any proper training. Sure, many will tell you to just push a button and presto. Others will give you access to creating an online career using the skills you have to help others thrive better in today’s world. That is where the teachers come in. Parents and professionals can easily ply their knowledge to younger generations in exchange for a fee.

Whoa, not so fast! This will all depend on many things. Were you a professional in your working career? Is that career one that you wish to continue? Change is hard for some and that is not a bad thing as being older, one is more apt to want to still prove to themselves that they have what it takes and that success, even if it means a whole new direction, can be achieved.

Remember, you are either approaching retirement, or already there and just want to do something to keep you busy and still maintain that freedom long sought after. An active brain means a cognitive person that is still very much connected, and that can make an impact on those later years.

Simple Ideas To Consider – Options Gallore

First thing to consider, do you want to work for someone else, or does the idea of working for yourself sound more appealing? Just be sure to check out any potential companies that you are considering so you won’t fall prey to scammers. While not everyone is out to empty your wallet, some sites may charge a percentage fee for the use of their client database. Just be sure to read the fine print and of course, the FAQ’s.

Teachaway : Are you a teacher? With plenty of jobs available to choose from, this modern and up to date portal can have you connected in no time. Teachaway not only links you to openings, but you can also get you ESL certification so that your skills can be put to use around the globe.

Virtual Bookkeeping: Here is an excellent article written by Steve Razinski that is filled with opportunities for those with experience in the numbers arena. Lots of information that can get you started on your way to your terms. This is a popular site, so I find it best to let Steve tell you since he has sought out the top companies to work with and gives you an entire review of them.

Graphic Design: This is not just about being able to doodle electronically. There is much more and for those interested in putting their talents to work, there is a plethora of clients that are actively looking for your talent. For freelancers, this can be just the avenue you are looking for. Be advised that through their database link, there may be a small service fee charged for finished work.

Etsy: Arts & crafts are always a good choice. Whether it is from sewing skills to building a better bird house, skills and imaginations run rampant. This is for those creative minds that are ready to sell their products to the world and are looking for an easy avenue to do it through. Think of it as the oyster to the world. There is also plenty of information available on how to sell your goods and storefronts for you to set up and begin your adventure into e commerce.

PaidviewpointThis is an easy to use and earn survey site.  Unlike other similar sites, here you are pre-qualified before taking any survey.  This is important as you will not be rejected at any point during the course of doing a survey.  Each time you take a survey you will earn small amounts and your point value will rise.  Once you reach a specified levels, bonuses and other incentives will be made available to you.

Pay out is made through Paypal and you have the option of receiving gift cards from Amazon and Walmart if you prefer.  Your earnings will add up and when you reach the payout point ($15.00) just simply request payment and you should have it relatively soon.

If you want to earn even more, getting referrals will allow you to make 20% (when they cash out) from each person that signs up from your link.  Get 100 sign ups and you can collect “on the fly” without having to wait for them to cash out. They have a point system that increases each time you do a survey and bonuses can be had when reaching a level of 9000 points.

Click the red link above to sign up.  Using the SMS text method to authenticate is instant and best to use.  The phone number provided was not recognizing the code you need to input.
I would recommend this site as it is easy to use and earn from and use it as part of the various programs to bring in effortless income.
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Mechanical Turk: Better known as Mturk, this worldwide platform is a part of the Amazon family. Workers perform simple tasks known as HITS (Human Interactive Tasks) that require a person rather than a computer to perform. Each task has their own guidelines for completing and workers are rewarded for their efforts. Payouts are made to your own Amazon accounts and from there, can be transferred to a bank account should you prefer to go that route.

Yours truly has been doing work on this site since 2010 and it can be a bit of a game changer when it comes to side hustles.  You can earn enough to pay bills and this has also been useful in earning funds to buy Christmas presents several years running.  You are an independent and is not a matrix or require you to recruit anyone.  This short write up is being done as a courtesy to all that wish to add an additional income stream.

Verified Paid On Time

A Guiding Hand – Back To School

For those who are undecided, dumbfounded and just outright not sure on what they can do, there is hope! When it comes to jobs you can do from home with your computer, there is no shortage of folks Knowledge Is Power With The Internetthat want to grab you and show you the way. The hard part is to know the difference between the good, the bad, and….yeah, you get the idea.

Here are a couple of terms you should become familiar with and be ready to put on your track shoes in order to do some running away.

Guru: They know it all and they can tell you how they did it.

Do it for you: No one can do it for you. Normally, they will do it for a price and what they deliver is somewhere in the realm of “short”.

We’ll build it for you: Sure, but is it the way you want it? Chances are that most will just accept the fact that this is what they are stuck with as their best choice.

OK, I think you get the idea. Let’s move forward.

Affiliate Marketing: You most likely see it everywhere online. All those ads with reviews, well someone has to do them. You’ve most likely clicked on some of them and actually purchased or at least researched the product from those sites.

Blogging: This is huge and it is estimated to continue growing. As of July 2018, there were approximatly 1,883,637,867 websites online. The majority of those sites contain blogs.

Now, put the 2 aforementioned together and you get a winning combination. So how do you learn? Is this area overcrowded? Glad you asked that. In short, the number of affiliate marketers will continue to grow and with blogs in tow, there is plenty of room for you to start on this journey and grab your share of the wealth.

Wealthy Affiliate University: Started in 2005, with now over 1.5 million members, this is the cream of the crop to get your education for all things online. With a very active community that is ready to help, along with course lessons designed to take you through every step needed to be successful. Beginner or professional, you will find members here from all parts of the world and walks of life. They too are continuously getting educated and reaching successes that they once only dreamed of. Now for many, it is a reality.

You will learn why there is still room for you, and if you can’t decide on what your online business should be about, the lessons will make it easier for you. Their platform runs on WordPress and with the lessons and online classes (text & video), nothing is left to chance. Members claim that they are addicted to this site for the vast amount of information that other sites could only dream of being able to show you. The best part, you can try it for free!

Go Out And Play – The Closing Bell

Well there you have a look at the world on working online. Nowhere close to what all is available and these few presented here can give you an idea of perhaps getting started in those more mature years. The current way of life, even for those that are already retired, things can get tight. The world is still expensive to live in and learning and earning a couple of extra bucks are not going to hurt.

As for myself, I have been working online in one form or another for about a decade now and to tell you the truth, it is nice to be able to decide what and when you want to do. Learning to live with a different way of earning takes dedication and for those that are ready to start their own venture, it takes guts. Just remember, no guts, no glory.

Now get out of here and go enjoy some freedom time that we all cherish. It is my hope that you have enjoyed this post and should you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will do my best to get you some answers.

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