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Wisdom through the years

Welcome To Your Second Childhood

Today we are going to take a look at what lies ahead once you reach your sexagenarian years. You know, it’s all a matter of having a meaningful life after 60, when you are all grown up.

Going to grandma and grandpa’s house takes on a whole new meaning. It does not necessarily mean that you are old, but changed for the better. As you enter into these wonderful years ahead of you, family and friends, as well as complete strangers will begin to treat you differently.


The mere notion of knowing that there is meaningful life after 60, brings with it a calmness and a sense of security to one’s soul, of achievement in life and a well-deserved respect from all. You are being looked up to by younger generations as someone that can give guidance and answer too many questions and today’s article looks to digging a bit deeper into the past, present and the future for the decade ahead.

Maturity & Wisdom – Life Lessons AboundMeaningful Life After 60

* Maturity noun: Being ready or ripe. When bodily growth has completed.

* Wisdom noun: The ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way, especially to different situations from that in which the knowledge was gained.

* These are partial definitions from WikiDiff which puts both terms into their simplest forms.

Often referred to as ageing there are many aspects to look at and decide if you think it means getting old.


Now you are all grown up and ready to tackle everything that get’s thrown at you with full confidence in knowing that through the years, you have toughed it out, scraped a few knuckles and bruised your knees, but nonetheless, you are intact.

You’ve raised your children and their children, had disagreements with your spouse, fought for your country, saved an animal. You have given and taken. Written the rules and broken a few, butted heads with a local politician, swore at a cop, slammed doors in salespeople’s faces and argued your points till you were blue in the face.

Guess what? You’re grown up!. It’s a fact that you cannot deny. You have spent years absorbing the lessons and working through all the problems and now, now you are ready, ripe, mature and able to apply all that you have learned, to your benefit. Well done, well-earned!

How do you tell an adult son or daughter, that you’ve spent years raising, to be just like you. What do you do when they decide they want independence in thinking and living their own life and not yours. Nothing! Let them learn, that’s how you did it! Something! That’s how they will learn from your wise advice. Being more sage of tooth can be very gratifying when you start seeing the results of everything you have learned, and now applying, to make important decisions that affect not only your upcoming years, but theirs as well.

That Does IT – Watch You’re SixThe New IT For A Meaningful Life After 60

Connected, texting, tweets, sharing… Almost boggles the brain! Some of you are founders of this type of technology as innovators, programmers as well as marketers. The rest of us, well, let’s just say, that in order to have a meaningful life after 60, we have to keep up, and keeping up, can be hard to do. As sexagenarians, we tend to look to the younger set that have figured out all the intricacies on the usage, understanding it is still another lesson to be learned. How do you do this and what does that mean…They know it all!

Seems that every time you turn around, what you just bought or learned of that electronic doodad, is outdated before you get home. Used to be cars and trucks that depreciated that much, that quick,…except one. Games, specifically electronic games ie…on disks. I use electronics all the time and find myself appalled at prices of new games for today’s gaming systems. Better yet, go look up the price of a brand new game, wait a month or two and then go see what you can get for a trade in on it… Shocking!

Regardless, technology is here to stay and I for one, am not willing to let my refrigerator be the source of my undoing just for want of an easier life. And SIRI, get a real job. Wait, was that an ECHO I just heard?

Just how many phones do you need to go through in a year? My plan isn’t even ready for me to upgrade, and yet, new and more powerful phones with incredible features are already coming out that do everything except fly you to the moon. Oh and the prices! I am just not one to cash in my 401K just to afford it. Phone are like birthdays in a way, that they should only come out every couple of years, not every 3 months.

Physically Fit – One, Two, Three….Keeping Fit For A Meaningful Life After 60

What goes up, eventually comes down, sagging included! Getting out and being active, going to see someone named GYM, all becoming part of everyday life for sexagenarians that are yearning to be active and fit during this decade. Mud masks and cucumbers over the eyes are more prevalent in both men and women now that taking care of one’s self has come to the forefront.

You want to be there for them and by feeling good and looking good you are going to be the star. Healthier foods, better medicine, and new attitudes all contribute to a betterment of society, as your are very much-needed and wanted in today’s world. Go look at your local walking paths and take a look. Happy couples (and single’s too) out walking, riding bikes, being together and having fun. Who benefits? You do.

Maybe Freddy Mercury was right when he said I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.”

Now, go ride your bike!

Financially Sound – Less Is MoreFinding Meaningful Life After 60 Through Sound Money Management

Retirement, are you ready? Practice what you preach. Sit down together and take a serious look at your debts. Now figure out a workable plan to get rid of all of them (it can be done) and put the extra funds into your retirement. Start stuffing the hell out of it because, your going to need it when you become a septuagenarian.

Can you get by with a bit less of something? How much is that really costing you daily, weekly, monthly? Lots of questions to ask and at the same time, you want more. It becomes a balancing act and talking to a financial adviser could prove to be a worthwhile opportunity for you to see what lies ahead in retirement and what it’s going to take.

Try a practice run for a few months. Pare it down and stuff it away just to see what happens. Get a feel of what it will be like in the years ahead. Become as debt free as possible and get those ugly numbers down, down, down. What can you do or make yourself to save a few extra bucks? Why pay for a gym membership if there is a program for folks, such as yourself, for a very reduced if not no cost fee. Is it more cost effective to make it yourself or to just go out and purchase it all the time…

What about social security? What will you be receiving? Will it be enough? Healthcare, what will it cost? Too many questions but they are all part of the big picture. You have skills, use them. Would a part-time job be helpful or an inconvenience? Time for a heart-to-heart talk with yourselves and where you really want to be in the next ten years.

Life On Your Own Terms – You Got This Meaningful Life After 60 Means Joie de Vivre In All We Encounter

In closing for this post, the realities of having a meaningful life after 60 begins to have a growing importance in our daily lives in that it will shape the future by using experiences from our past while still living in present day. You are not alone! You are a fully grown adult and quite capable of making decisions that have impacts.

At the same time, vitality and well-being are very much part of your life. You have arrived at the best years and having experiences like never before will leave memories for those in the future that will follow your leads. A sort of photograph of your life, part of a symbolic chapter. What you do now will give you more items in your bucket that you can teach to a younger person.

The thought of being old is kind of scary, but does that mean it is?  Find out what it means to be a Sexagenarian

Remember, they love you, respect you and will never forget you. At least that’s the goal!

Thank you and come back often…bring a friend too!

That’s my show!

Poppa Joe

© 2017


5 thoughts on “Meaningful Life After 60 – All Grown Up

  • November 12, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    I like it . A LOT. packed with stimulating thought and perfect humor. What is your call to action? I am working some in this arena as well. It is possible you could take the wealth of ideas in this post and create 5-7 dynamic stand-alone posts as well. Bob very impressive. Great pics. And I am on my phone looking (and writing) 66 here

    • November 13, 2017 at 4:44 pm

      Thank you for your comment. I would enjoy seeing what you are writing about as this is a path in life that no one seems to be able to teach but rather experience.

  • November 15, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    I LOVE this post! I starting reading it with the intention of forwarding it to my dad – who is in complete denial about being a “grown up”, but I got hooked and read the whole thing – funny how many things struck a chord with me, a 37 year old mum of 4!! I love you’re writing style, it’s really easy to read and funny too!

    • November 15, 2017 at 8:42 pm

      Guess I am not the only one who enjoys childhood.

  • December 9, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I like this article seems to follow most of my life as well, very thought out written. Gold job


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