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The school of hard knocks has finally brought you to the edge of your senior years. Yup, the sexagenarians definition means you now have seniority. Before we continue on, it is best that you start off with a small treat and maybe even a thought.  Just remember at all times that this is just the beginning of having fun again.

OK, envision a cake in front of you with 60 candles (depending on your actual age) all lit up. Now follow the next steps.

  1. Scoot your butt up near that cake.Sexagenarians Definition - Old Is A Misnomer
  2. Place one hand on your lower back.
  3. Lean forward, closer, closer yet.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Blow like hell.

Way to go! You are now a SEXAGENARIAN! Get use to it because you have another 9 of these celebrations to go through before the next phase of your life.

What the heck are sexagenarians? That answer is quite simple. Sexagenarians definition is nothing more than a person having reached the ages of 60 to 69. That’s it! You’re not old, just starting out your senior childhood moments. Let’s make them good ones.


When looking at how people find this term, you begin to see the various avenues in which it crops up. Friends calling you by that term, heard it as a line in a movie, read it in a book… Don’t think it was ever used in a song yet. Maybe Donald Fagen will think of something for us, after all, he was right, you “Can’t Buy A Thrill”, but, you can go out and experience one.

KEEP IN SHAPE AND STAY CALM – YOU’RE WORTH ITSexagenarians Definition - You Can Still Participate

You are entering the best times of your life and without a doubt, time to get off that couch!

Exercise comes to mind and it doesn’t have to be difficult. A good long walk works very well and can get one’s circulation invigorated. Heck, I myself am disabled and although walking is difficult, doc, has me out and walking at least 4 hours a week. For me, that’s twelve miles. Hurts like heck at times but at least I feel great.

Go dancing (no stars needed), all you need is just a pair of legs and good shoes. Walk to your library and go teach a child how to read. You get the idea. Time to feel alive so put that beer and wine down for now and get out of here.

A few more salads won’t hurt and less junk food will certainly help. Are you a smoker, QUIT! I know, easier said than done….took me many years and then all of a sudden, I was done with them. A calm will wash over you that you may not have felt in years. It’s all good!

A Program For Those 65 Plus

A ROAD MORE TRAVELED – JOIE DE VIVRESexagenarians Definition - Travel Is A Normal Part of Life

What does that mean anyway?

Great, where are we going? Grab that spouse and do an impromptu road trip. Don’t worry if you’re “empty nester’s”, the kids will take care of mowing the lawn. Get up, get out of here, go explore.

In our home, sometimes we get the urge to just go and take a breather from daily life and refocus our perspectives on enjoying having fun times and meeting new people as well as seeing wildlife or visiting new places.

A favorite destination of ours takes us to Jackson, Wyoming, a less than a two-hour drive for us. It’s a great place to go unwind by having lunch, visit the various galleries and meet new people at a local brewery. There are many other interesting places to go in every direction and making a list of where you want to go for short stints will pay off quite well .

DON’T VOLUNTEER – DO VOLUNTEERSexagenarians Definition - Old Is A Misnomer

Badges and uniforms not required!

Babysitting the grand kids….you are brave! Just kidding! They can be really great to have around or little monsters depending on how they are being raised. You have to be imaginative with them and now that you have that seniority we talked about earlier, you are in a position to greatly influence their futures. Have a blast….

Then again, what can you go and teach to someone else? How to build a fort? Show other seniors how to paint? Help a neighbor with a small house project? Teaching a grand daughter how to put on makeup? Take an inventory of your skills and what you have learned in life and apply it to help someone else better theirs.

A great place would be to go to your local church and chances are high that someone will be in need of your skills, faith, friendship, or to just be there in times of need.

OLD FRIENDS – NEW FRIENDSToday's Youth Find Out Sexagenarians Definition - Old Is A Misnomer

You can’t replace the one’s you outlive!

Making it a habit to keep in touch with long time acquaintances and newer ones can keep you motivated in moving forward during you’re 60s. Sure, we all have had some that were just not worth giving the time of day to, but, how and why were you friends to begin with?

Every day, my wife is my best friend and, I will always cherish that.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes…and species for that matter. Dogs, horses, wild birds and yes, even God! They all matter in our lives and best to keep them around. Go out and make a new friend in the next week or just call an old one to cherish the past, future and the present.


Sexagenarians Definition - Old Is A Misnomer

As they say, be proud and be loud!

Oh this is going to be such a great time in our lives, and we are not alone. There is so much to discuss and discover in the next decade that it will make everything we have been through up to this point just another class assignment.

In upcoming posts, we will look at being healthy, financial tune ups, what’s hot and not, along with a plethora of other topics that impact those of us at the edge of our senior years. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions and come back often…bring a friend….bookmark this….

There are at least 1 million, err…. make that 2 million old people jokes aimed at sexagenarians and they couldn’t be more wrong.

Sexagenarians definition:


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