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Bruno Wearing Stylish Reading Glasses


My friend Bruno loves to read and he is very smart. He teaches me everything he can and that can include reading the contents of his dog food. However, Bruno likes to look good and the one thing he told me was that, his aging eyes aren’t what they used to be and he is in need of new glasses. Not just any glasses but, stylish reading glasses.

We’ve got a new year coming around and time to make a new list. Dieting, cutting back on snacks, getting to the gym more often, save up a bit more for retirement. Check, check, check and check. What else can we think of to make 2018 better for ourselves? Glasses, yep new reading glasses.

Well, guess we can start by having Bruno re-evaluate the strength of glasses he’s going to need for those aging eyes.


Taking A Diopeter Test – Find You Strength

Take an online Diopeter test where you can determine which strength reading glasses would be best suited for you. There are simple instructions on how to use the chart and recommendations in case there are questions. Simple to use, just a download away to a better you in the new year.

Once you find out which strength you are in need of, be sure to check out the great discounts available for your new reading glasses.

Bruno Says – All About Your CharacterMalcolm - Wearing Stylish Reading Glasses At the Local Reading Club

Being the president of the local reading club, Bruno likes to invite a lot of his friends over so they can have their dog’s night out and pick a favorite book to read to each other from.

They take turns discussing various chapters of the books and even get around to yipping and yapping about the latest trends in reading glasses. Here are a few they like.

The Sterling A top contender on their list of stylish reading glasses, this unique pair of round readers gives the wearer plenty of character. Given the fact the dogs have a long snout and nose area, these are perfect for sliding down to the point where one only needs a half reader while still overlooking the rest of the group.

Looking for a bolder, more retro look, The Red Bluff is going to be your game. Think Buddy Holly and you’ve got character. These non-bifocal readers will give you that braniac look. Lightweight, comfortable and sturdy, these high quality glasses are going to be perfect for your next reading session.

For those of you female readers, The Laura is your look! Show off your superior side with just enough of the feline eye look to go with you’re smart attitude and you are bound to start one heck of a debate amongst your peers. Featuring a lightweight plastic frame and available in limited strengths, be sure to get the right power for you.

Rounding out the list for this gathering of tail wagging, fur bearing intellectuals, The Bishop, is their choice for a lightweight design and assortment of colors. Quality spring hinges makes sure they stay in place and the semi-rimless lenses give them a modern stylish look without distracting accurate magnification.

Trendy And Affordable – 4 Paw Rating

Fashion Fit for King With Stylish GlassesWith fashion in mind, these affordable pairs of reading glasses will have you howling beneath the moon and complete your look for your next gathering. Be sure to click the banner above to take advantage of all the savings available to you.

Great value, exceptional customer service and an unbeatable selection to choose from, there is bound to be a pair or two just for your needs.

Well, that’s going to complete this list of stylish reading glasses for now. I’m gonna let them continue their ritual and enjoy the peace and quiet while in search of felines in the neighborhood wearing the latest style of chapeau’s.

Might even get lucky and pick up a pair of new readers for myself and see if they’ll let me into the club.

Needing glasses more geared towards computers,  see some top picks available for you.


Happy reading and take care of those eyes!


Poppa Joe

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