Thank You My Friend – Why You Matter

Thank You My FriendFriends, they are a big part of everyone’s lives. They are important, and for each one of them, there is a reason why this takes place in our lives. Whether they are new, or have been around for many a decade, they are, and remain an important part of our lives. Today, I would like to say, thank you my friend, individually, and collectively. Now that I am a sexagenarian, it is time to recognize all from near and far and to be thankful that they have enriched our lives.


All Walks Of Life – Meeting Of Kindred Spirits

How do people become friends? Where does one find them? Why we like them? It is not like we have a choice, but we do! Did you choose them or the other way around? If you are a traveler, encountering such kindred spirits can be found everywhere and anywhere in the world. A fact of life is that we do not, as humans, seek out these people, nor do they come chasing after us. Instead, an unseen force throws many individuals together and when the perfect combination occurs, an unspoken reality happens.

We are talking about real friends, not the ones that want to hold that status for the sole purpose for being in a position to be aligned with you or to defraud you. Sure, they are out there but that is not the intent of this post. There is a magic that happens when two people bond that is entirely different from the coupling of two for the purpose of love, engagement and marriage. Over a billion definitions of how one describes friendships, and just like snowflakes, no two will be alike.

What is important is how each one of us describes our friendships, our times together, what is and could be sacrificed for one another to no end.

Beyond Family – Shhhh, It’s A Secret Telling Secrets To A Friend

One of the benefits of a true friendship is that, unlike family, you and your bestie can share real secrets. Things you just can’t tell family members. Families have ties, friends have bonds! This is where the two of you can say things in confidence without fear of family or anyone else finding out. At least that’s the way it’s suppose to work.

From the heart, that’s where things really matter, and when you have a friend that you can relate such information with, a trust is formed and just like young children, some will have the “pinky swear” moment, spit in you palm share, and cross your heart.

Being in your sixties, most likely you formed deep friendships a long time ago and shared many a secret or two to which, even if you are married, those secrets still remain a secret between you and maybe not your spouses. Perhaps neither of you can share that of the untold for fear that if you do, well, fair would be fair that the other tells all, without fear of retribution.

The Second Spouse – Others Need Not Apply

Looking outside the box, those kinds of relationships between two people, other than your spouse, can bring profound moments that cannot be duplicated anywhere by anyone. You take turns being each others advisers and sounding boards. Some of you will go on vacations together, go to dinner, spend the night at each others place and maybe even get drunk together. Ever bail a friend out of jail for something they did that was stupid? Did you hesitate?

Those in long term relationships will do wonderful things like, calling and talking on the phone sometimes even for hours at a stretch, send each other cards, take on the dog for a few weeks at a time. House keys, oh yes the house keys. It takes a lot of trust, but you know that someone has your back, and you, theirs.

So which gender makes the better at this? Good question, as men will be men, and women, they seem to have an entirely different approach to how those outside of marriage relationships work. Some folks will swear that being true, lifelong friends is much like a marriage, but without all the hardships, heartaches and pitfalls, but the reality is that it does happen just like as if it were. While there may be some truth to that, at least when a divorce decree is sought, who would you turn to, for an ear to bend, cry on a shoulder, or just flat out just get it out of your system.



Social Animals – Let’s Catch Up!

As friends go, if you are living close to each other and encounters are frequent, all the better. For others that you don’t often see, making contact for a get together can bring many unexpected pleasures.

Last year, an unfortunate pair of events happened to my wife and I, (we lost two of our lifelong best friends in the same weekend and was totally unrelated), but luckily, it resulted in a reunion of old friends that had not been seen in many years. It was like a magic moment that time did not let slip away.

A simple gesture such as a postcard once in a while can go a long ways to satisfy some, while others are busy typing away on their favorite social media platform and everyone knows everything right up to the current moment. Then there are those that you consider as good friends that seem to get lost somewhere in the world and trying to find them can take a lot of good detective work. I have such a friend that just can’t seem to be found. What a shame, so much to talk about and just like in the old days, the conversations would be both deep and gratifying.

What about your friends. Do you still hang onto the school of thought that they are the golden ones? They should be part of your life no matter what.

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Alternative Friends – The Bridge Is Never Out

They speak to you in a way like nothing else in life. Many times without ever uttering a sound. Those eyes, yes, they speak volumes. You are under their scrutiny at all times. Never allowed to make a move without being noticed. They speak to your heart and your mind and all the while, they either have or will melt you like no other type of friend in life.

More times than not, there is 4 on the floor and a wagging flag aft. Others will be biped and have a wing span that is glorious to their breed. For these are close friends, dear friends, life long committed friends too.

Going for a ride takes on a special meaning. Some will prefer to be ridden, while most want to be the rider. Regardless, it is a strong bond between you and them which is hard to break. Felines of course are a bit more finicky, but never the less, it is a bond of trust that is special. I for one have taken such a loving friend for walks either with a body tether or from atop my shoulders.

Their dependence on you is insurmountable and it was a commitment that you wanted to take on from the time you both sealed your friendship. Just like their human counterparts, caring for their needs, nourishing their bellies and souls, and just being there as they are for you is just like the best friend you could ask for.

Many memories are made with our alternative friends which we call pets that will never be forgotten, and many years later, recalled because they are still with us regardless of their current status. For them, when their time comes to wait for us on the other side, the bridge will forever be open.

For that, I want to thank you my friend!

Shout, Rejoice, Live – A Time To Celebrate Celebrating with a friend

OK, so get out of here and go celebrate your friendships. Whether 2 or 4 legged, doesn’t matter, they are still your friends. Chances are that there must be billions of definitions related to friends. They have been around since the time that the 3rd human moved in down the block.

It may have been a friendly gesture, or just a knowing that you both could hit it off. Regardless, if it turned out to be a lifelong event, even more reason to celebrate.

We are human and as such, there is a need for someone outside of ourselves to relate with. Even for our animal friends, it is important to bond, as they need us as much as we need them. It is part of the spirituality that God gave each person as a gift to humanity and the ability to get along together.

Poems, songs, stories, television and movies, all of them have a stake in the matter. For if it was not important in life, one would rarely mention the word, or the relationship for that fact. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a friend will be true to word, as evidenced in the current administration, but rather, you are best to leave it to the natural spirits of life to make the real connection.

When Life Becomes A Living Hell

With that, I will go on my merry way to go meet up with a dear, old friend, for some quality of life time and catch up on all things important .

What about you? How do you feel about dear, old friends? Care to share, please feel free to leave a comment and enlighten the world to others around you.

Thank you and that’s my show.

Poppa Joe

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