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Here at Poppa Joe, the goal is to keep you healthy as best as we can in every way and one of those is to keep you young and mobile.

A Gathering Of Tools – Finding The Right One

Everyone breaks down eventually, that’s just nature for you. In order to keep you going full steam ahead, sometimes you need a little help and here at the body shop, we are gathering an assortment of items that can make life in your 60s a little easier.​

Browse through this menu to locate items you need and there, you will find descriptions and places where they can be obtained. Not all tools are for everyone, but we all need some. Canes, walking sticks, hearing aids, wheelchairs, and much more. If you don’t see it yet, be patient and come back. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

Our search for programs and tools aimed at keeping you fit and smiling also have their place here and as we uncover them, their information will be added. If you know of any that you would like to see added, please feel free to comment on them here at the body shop and they will be looked into and evaluated for inclusion.

Things Happen – Get Your Fix Sexagenarians are classified as part of the age group called the “Baby Boomers” (approximately 75 million +) and only to be outnumbered by the “Millennials” by a short distance. Many of the items of today, will still be the items of tomorrow. How they are designed and work, well, we’ll just leave that up to engineers and designers to come up with that.

Who knows, maybe once we teach the younger generations about these “old” tools, they in turn will appreciate the elders with better and more efficient tools that they in turn, will use once they reach their 60’s. By then, they will need someone younger to teach them how to use it. Funny how that works!

There’s A Tool For That – I’ve Got A Screw Loose

As Sexagenarians, growing up meant being self-sufficient, capable of taking care of our possessions and making them last. Well, nothing’s changed, or has it? Some things we simply just can’t fix ourselves and that is quite understandable. If you are anything like me, I preferred working on old engines, at least you could. Nowadays, you need a certified techno person who knows how to get past that computerized doodad that does remarkable things with the whatchamacallit (fact:, a whatchamacallit as well as a thingamajig were actual candy bars produced by the Hershey company numerous years ago). Huh, I didn’t know that!

I’ve digressed, sorry.

Whenever a tip comes across on how we can take care of fixing a simple to moderate item found in the body shop, I’ll be sure to try to add as much information as possible so that you can save a couple of bucks.

I’m Off On A Search – Look What I Found

OK, time for me to head out and get started in finding items worthy of inclusion so that you can have an easier time in your golden years ahead. Please feel free to comment and come back often to visit. Did I mention to bring a friend?

Poppa Joe

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