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Edge To The Future Through The Eyes Of Age

This is the third and final installment in our look at histories through the eyes of age and we will attempt to gaze into the future to see what could be in store for all mankind. All is happening at an increasing rate of speed as life continues to march on and at times, the lines begin to blur as we are bombarded from all directions on so many fronts.

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Nothing Happened – Life Goes On

The New Year’s Eve celebrations were most likely some of the best as the anticipation of the end of the world, as we knew it, was only a few mere moments away. So much was in question as to was about to happen, that a small part of everyone was filled with some kind of nervousness for fear of the unknown.

This was a dream time for marketers and companies looking to cash in on those fears. Albeit, there were many great sales for consumers to be had, and many took complete advantage of the offerings. Unlike those sales that follow a natural disaster, these we more geared toward the preservation of basic needs (food, personal care, pet supplies) for families. Best to be prepared, was a motto that needed being heeded.

Computer sales would sharply decline as the digital age was certainly going to come to an end. Computer glitches were about to make life very difficult for all populations tied to them. Moving supplies to various parts of the world could prove to be disastrous and basic game plans were at the ready by many governments and militaries around the world.

Then it happened! The year 2000 was upon us and here we are, still alive, still on edge. Any moment now, surely the world would hit the speed bump of time and cause everything to go off kilter.

And yet, nothing happened. Life went on as usual (minus the hangovers from the celebrations). Was anyone let down?

Start Your Engines – The New Millennium Begins

Guardians of Time Through The Eyes of Age

As the clocks of time were reset, the eyes of age would continue to gather data and stories of what we, as humans, had been engaging in as well as witnessing, on our lonely little planet.

With the internet now firmly in place, information became just a stroke of a key. The amount of information had begun to perpetually gather at increasing speeds and the thirst for knowledge was finally being dispersed to the masses.

Not all the things being created in our world would be seen by all, as many in various fields would benefit the world in countless other ways to make our lives better.

There were advances in technology that would make life so much easier. Text messaging, GPS, Google, Google maps, IPhone’s, and of course WiFi along with Bluetooth. Then came along the social media’s, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and more. These were the parts of our histories that would have an everlasting impact in our lives. It was still the early days!

Other changes would come in the form of structures and vehicles of different types. A good example of this would be the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, becoming the tallest building structure in the world. Already the future has arrived as this mega structure is set to be eclipsed in 2020 by the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. Again, no small feat.

Gaming systems would take on greater sales for mere facts that new technologies would make everything faster, clearer and the story lines (themes) of the individual games, more promising to the individual. With the addition of interactive components, one could make their seats rattle, rumble and feel like you are part of the game scene itself. Handsets would come alive and the ability to talk to other players during play, priceless!

The Doctor Will See You Now – Bet Me The Personal Physician From Old Eyes of Age to The Edge of the Future

Unlike the good old days of television when Dr. Marcus Welby (Robert Young) would make sure to see you promptly, or at least send his assistant, Dr. Steven Kiley (James Brolin), to your bedside with all manners intact, today’s medical professionals tend to be younger, better educated and mired down by an avalanche of paperwork, courtesy of your government.

If the i’s aren’t dotted and the t’s crossed, someone else (insurance companies), makes the decision to delay, deny or just outright make life unbearable when it comes to you medical needs. Let’s not forget the costs!

In the 1970s, the average health costs were a whopping $355 per person. Closer to today’s costs, that same amount would grow 29 fold to average $10,348 per person.

So how much time do you get to see the doctor today? Good question, as the last time you went in to see one and the amount of time with you would depend on why you were there in the first place. In 2018 terms, this chart will give you an idea of what to expect.

Other advances in medicine and related sciences include the following. This is not a complete list.

  • The Human Genome Project (DNA Sequencing) – 2003 The project is completed two years in advance of the targeted date at a cost of $3 billion. The project began in 1990
  • Due to the internet, the way medicine is practiced makes it much safer and faster to treat patients. More accuracy in several areas including blood sampling and matching, robotics, consultations and of course, costs.
  • Anti smoking laws (smoking bans) placed more restrictions in both the workplace and public spaces in numerous states in the U.S. and gave the FDA the powers of enforcement in an all out effort to reduce health risks (heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, 2nd hand smoke). Still today we see many smokers still around, although the numbers are down from many years ago, the battle continues. With new technology, percentages of the population keep their hands busy by Vaping. Others, with legal marijuana brought on by voters in several states and governments of other countries for their respected citizens.
  • Stem Cell Research – a new hope on repairing the human body through natural cell reproduction. Today, this is considered controversial in many sectors and religious factions.
  • Targeted therapies/drugs – this alone is a huge boon to those suffering from various forms of cancer. By targeting the genes or proteins, the ability to reduce or stop the growth of cancer cells has become a more even playing field. More survivors, better oncology treatments and a doorway to the possibility of ending cancer once and for all.
  • Combination Drug Therapies – by understanding how certain diseases work and manifest themselves, another doorway is opened into combating debilitating and fatal diseases. This form of using medicine alone has resulted in higher survival rates when it comes to HIV/Aids patients the world over. However, there is still a long way to go as better educating the public about what brings on certain diseases must be tackled.
  • MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This technological wonder in the field of radiology is capable of producing pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes related to both the health and diseases of the body.
  • Robotics – Minimally invasive robotic surgical technologies, means that the work of a surgeon can be done by none other that R2D2’s cousin. Controlled by a qualified surgeon, this allows for much higher degree of precision and can be done from a remote location if needed.

The Frontier – Baby Steps Sending Out Signals From The Edge To The Future

Was the universe built backwards or was man? After all, we just got here. When it comes to space, with all its encompassing elements, a love affair was created a long time ago. Rich in its history, yet we, as humans are just really beginning to understand were we may have come from by looking deeply into the past of the universe. At the same time, our fascination with “what’s out there” will most likely never cease in our imaginations until we find solid answers by looking forward.

The data about the planet Mars alone could fill an entire encyclopedia set of information for the eyes of age to digest. Why Mars? Why does it fascinate our minds so much. Conspiracy theorist will be quick to tell you all kinds of possible solutions about the perplexing problem and still, not offer any solid solutions.

Since 1960, man has attempted to reach the Red Planet in hopes of finding our ancestries and some sort of reasoning as to why they (aliens from Mars) would be little green men. Must be a color coordination thing! For a list of the space flights that have taken us to Mars, and those that have failed, click here.

And then…. NASA has a major announcement! June 2018… possible” building blocks of life” are announced of a finding by the Curiosity Rover. NASA Mars announcement

Other space exploration events of note include the following:

  • Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR), (Feb 2001) Space craft successfully lands on asteroid Eros.
  • 1st space tourist (April 2001) Dennis Tito spends $20 million to become 1 tourist in space via a Russian space craft after being denied by the U.S.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia (Feb 2003) explodes after take off killing all astronauts aboard. This was seen as a huge setback for NASA and the future of space exploration.
  • SpaceShipOne (Oct 2004) 1st non government space craft is launched successfully. The project also wins the coveted prize of being first in space of its type and then for a 2-week turnaround for a second successful launch.
  • Cassini Probe (July 2004) arrives at planet Saturn to begin its fact finding mission.
  • Huygens Probe (Jan 2005) makes successful landing on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.
  • Kepler Spacecraft (Observatory) (March 2009) is launched and begins the hunt for earth sized planets orbiting stars.
  • Space X (Dec 2010) launched into orbit followed by return to earth as 1st commercial space flight by a private company.
  • Messenger Spacecraft (March 2011) Originally launched in 2004 aboard a Delta II craft, arrives at planet Mercury and begins probing for information.
  • Russia launches Spektr-R (July 2011). Unlike the Huble Space Telescope (HST), the Spektr-R is outfitted with radio equipment to perform research on our galaxy and beyond and their signal sources.
  • Space X (May 2012) makes successful 1st commercial resupply of International Space Station (ISS) and return to earth.
  • Voyager 1 officially crosses into interstellar space beyond the heliosphere (extreme outer edge of the sun’s influence). This feat occurred in Aug. 2012 and as of June 10, 2018, the craft is still in contact and returning data with the Deep Space Network. Currently at 13.229 billion miles from our sun, it is the farthest spacecraft from Earth.
  • Rosetta spacecraft and lander Philea (originally launched in 2004) arrives at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenk (Aug. 2014). Several months later (Nov 2014) lander Philea comes to rest on the comets surface, with some difficulties.
  • Dawn Spacecraft (March 2015) arrives at Ceres (dwarf planet) and begins orbiting.
  • New Horizon (July 2015) arrives and begins exploration of the planet Pluto.

While there have been many numerous events since then, due to the speed of everything happening, the above list could continue on forever and will, but it may be best for one of you younger readers to write about someday in your own version of the histories that you will be encounter.

So what do you see as being in your history that would be considered important and interesting? Please feel free to send me your comments.

Below is a video of some of the history of the last 60 years for you to view and to ponder about. Although the quality may not be the best, it shows us a bit of how much we have advanced in technology and what is now considered acceptable.

The Edge And Beyond – You Are Here

The date, 24 hours from now:

How much history has happened since you finished reading all the above content? Back then, the only history we would get came from text books in the classrooms or by hanging out at the library, or the television. Not so anymore with all the technological advances, histories are made every moment of every day. Future Historians And Their Eyes Of Age

It is our children that will tell the stories of the future and it is our duty as parents, adults, teachers, and makers of those histories to leave them with something they will remember for many generations to come. After all, they will be telling their stories to their own children, all the while, making a history for themselves.

As of this writing, the world is only hours away from another historic moment being made, A meeting between President Donald J. Trump and North Koreas Supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. Will this become the moment when an old war filled with many moments of tensions and rhetoric finally come to an end?

What will become of world trades and immigration issues? No one knows for sure and regardless, not everyone will come out a winner. What of school shootings? So many questions with so few definite answers. Eventually a solution will be found in the most simplistic manner that will appease to all. Why not have national guardsmen U.S. patrol all school grounds.

Will technology become smarter than man? Most likely, as already it is much faster and more centered on data from the past to predict the future. They say two heads are better than one but when dealing with information, they are nothing in comparison.

Just as we were taught by our elders, today’s sexagenarians, are the mentors of the future. The youth may not listen to us now, but down the road when they start to remember grandpa and grandma, hopefully they will come to their senses and realize we only meant well for them.

The Future Of Medicine – Dr. McCoy (01/20/2227)

At least that is what is says in the bio. Born of the future, DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid Where Will It Lead Us Through The Eyes Of Agethis mild-mannered man could heal just about anything, aliens included (from the Star Trek series of shows).

It is only a matter of time before cancers are a thing of the past as already, mankind is on the brink of finding solutions to combat this type of human debilatating family of diseases, as well as many others. Will the solutions be found in our histories of the past? Not sure, none of can be sure. Perhaps they are in the plants or even oceans of the world. Regardless, DNA is sure to be a big factor regardless were it is found as new discoveries are being made on a regular basis.

Space may also be a good place to find those solutions as more experimentation is now being factored into space flights to see if an environment of zero gravity can find a more suitable way to search and see the results. Then again, one would be relying on governments to do all the allocation and we all know, that comes at a cost. On the flip side of that argument, it is possible that what was once unattainable due to those costs, may someday become as common as taking a daily aspirin.

At this stage of the game, meaning today, there is still a great need for medical providers for the masses. With more and more finding fields to specialize in, solutions can only be a few steps away, providing, they have access to the education to take them there.

Much Ado About Space – Wold’s Oldest Historical Calendar

Wormholes Being Discovered At The Edge To The FutureIf there is one thing we know about space, its vast and full of history. Maybe someday mankind will be able to fill in the entire history of the universe just as we are doing and still discovering, about the earth.

With so many spacecrafts, robotics and exploration modules floating around, we are bound to discover something of great significance. At least, this will shed some light in our quest to quench our thirst for knowledge of were did we come from and are we alone.

Do you want aliens living next door, only a few light years away? What can they teach us and what can we extract from their lifeforms to benefit man. Already we have been visited (if you believe in that) and some will tell you that much of today’s technology came from somewhere out there.

Along came a sedan, new, red and shiny. Launched recently aboard a SpaceX craft, man’s fascination with space travel continues. Running on electricity, (one wonder’s were they will decide to install re-charging stations and how much it will cost) it is surely to turn heads on the next block or two. Makes one wonder if aliens will finally think that we got it together or is it a new kid on the block they should fear. Wonder what next year’s models will look like?

In Conclusion – The End Is Never Near

It is my hope that you enjoyed this series about our histories and welcome your comments regarding the past as well as the future while it is still fresh in your minds. It is part of your duties as a human to create your own history, to record, and to share so that the knowledge will be there for future generations Nothing stays stable anymore and that includes everything you may encounter from everything around us.


Thank You, and that’s my show Poppa Joe In The Eyes Of Age

Poppa Joe

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