What is Healthy Gut Bacteria

Six decades in and now your health is starting to veer towards less healthy gut bacteria.  Bad enough there are so many diseases in the world that have to be dealt with on a never ending stream. This post will take a look at the inside track, the one that travels through the gut and is a barometer for the human body that determines much about how you are going to feel. What is healthy gut bacteria and what can it do to help you fight off many of today’s ailments.

This is a very popular and growing field of study as it now has caught on as one of the best and fastest ways to restoring health. From the simple to the complex, we’ll try to sort it out. More energy, stamina, and fewer disruptions from existing and future conditions that can sideline a person, are a vital pathway to healthy living.

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Birth and Beyond

While most everyone understands that nutrients are passed from the mother to a yet to be born infant while in the womb, it isn’t until the newborn passes through the birth canal that they are introduced to another essential in life, gut bacteria.

After the birth, a newborn infant will get its first taste of nutritional support via breast milk from the mother. Rich in nutrients, the body is slowly introduced to microbial bacteria that will forever become part a seesaw of balance in the intestines.

While most parents are keen on feeding essentially nutritious foods to their newborns, the majority of them will be bent on time saving methods by purchasing products from local grocery stores. The problem with such items, such as jarred baby foods, is that the process in which they are made are self-defeating right from the start. The use of heat to kill bacteria during production also tends to kill off any nutrients for which they are supposed to supply.

Recent news about the industry says that not all heating methods are bad and when regulated to the point of just before destruction of the good, the bad will be eliminated from the equation. Just what that level is has yet to be revealed to the public for those that insist on making their own products at home.

Wise parents know that making their own baby foods can be very beneficial to a newborn. Good chances that the infant will start off in stronger health and those benefits will begin showing up in various ways. Some infants may develop faster, have accelerated learning abilities, and of course the obvious, able to fend off some early childhood diseases that could otherwise sideline them.

As infants become more and more adapted to their surroundings, in the form of gut bacteria, proper dieting will come into full play for the next upcoming years. While milks may grow stronger bones, the process of pasteurization may actually kill off what the body is crying for. Once again, possibly defeating the purpose.

But then again, this is just the beginning of a lifelong balancing act.

Young and Restless

Thinking back to younger days, many moons ago, that boundless energy that seemed to never run out, where did it go? Back then, our bodies were still just building out our systems that would eventually shape life moving forward. This would come to include not only favorite foods, but the overall health of the body. Each one of us continued to be introduced to new ways of finding energies through ingestion that would either be pleasant or not so pleasant to our individual bodies and tastes. Allergies, distaste for certain foods, stomach aches, diarrhea and even skin breakouts (acne).

While all of us were busy taking care of the current problems, were the real solutions to the root causes being implemented and if so, were they done properly? Real questions that answers would be revealed through one’s own research or suggestions from family and professionals.

Most of us sexagenarians grew up being told to “drink your milk for strong bones”, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and many more. In reality, unless you were already allergic to some foods that were available, it may have taken many more years to realize that either your gut was okay with it or if problems were beginning to show up.

For example, it might take a persons body 30 years or even more to find out they were having bad reactions to dairy products. Did it happen overnight, or was the gut finally saying that it has had enough and didn’t agree with the product(s) anymore. That’s when the real questions begin to appear. In this case, did the gut reject the dairy products themselves or was the underlying cause finally showing up?

When it comes to dairy and associated negative problems, lactose is the sugar, that contains glucose and galactose. Whey (80%) and casein (20%) are the proteins  It becomes a matter of finding out which are the real cause of the discomfort?  Humans are the only species that will drink the milk of another voluntarily. Cows milk is intended to be consumed by calves, so why do we consume it?

They tell us that we get better with age…hmm mm, debatable at best.

Learn more about the problems with dairy.

39 Trillion – They Come and They Go. 

The average adult has 39 trillion bacterial cells living in the human ecosystem, the gut. Sounds daunting but the fact is some may have more. This is a part of the human body that is in constant flux as bacteria is flushed out of the body, and additional bacteria are introduced from the variety of foods that are ingested. There are also environmental factors that may come into play.

Most commercially made foods are not really meant to be friendly to your system. How they are created will destroy the good parts of what is needed through heat during processing. So how does one control what is needed to stay healthy from the inside? Research and applying what is learned are the best answers.

Through feeding the gut the proper diet that it requires to keep your microbiome firing on all cylinders, a healthier outlook in appearance, more stamina and energy will be produced, better sleep, ability to better control weight and to fight off diseases will have you enjoying life at a different level.

Trust Your Gut – Instincts Speak Loudly

With the ever-increasing size of an older generation, some 40% of us will develop digestive issues each year.  This can be both good and bad news as 70% of the body’s immune system just happens to reside in your gastrointestinal tract. Considered an organ, it is also a hardworking engine that, just like a car motor, has an intake, processor, and an exhaust all built into your body. That means that it needs a bit of TLC when problems begin to appear.  Your other organs rely on that one area of the body to keep them going strong.

To a manufacturer, this means that some foods currently on the market will have to be altered to accommodate for that percentage of the population.  For physicians, a larger percentage of patients with similar problems will keep them busy.  Research will play it’s part by finding ways to make diagnoses easier, or find ways to get around the problems and restoring healthy gut bacteria.


  1. Leaky Gut: A digestive condition that allows bacteria s and toxins to leak through the intestinal wall.
  2. Heartburn: A condition where stomach acid backs up into the esophagus causing pain to both the chest and throat.
  3. Constipation: This is a symptom and not a disease. Most likely due to less than favorable diet low in fiber, too many dairy products, not being active enough, stress, and a variety of other matters.
  4. Diverticulitis: Inflammation or infections of small pouches that develop within the intestines due to diet issues.
  5. Ulcers: Caused from a variety of stresses, dietary, or other causes that lead to infections related to Helicobacter pylori bacteria (H. pylori)
  6. Gut Dysbiosis (includes C. Diff.) Think about too many weeds in the garden. Read for more information

Probiotics and Lacto-Fermentation  Healthy Gut Bacteria foods

Enter the world of probiotics and lacto-fermentationOne where you can control what you ingest that will make you healthier and it does not always include pills, and supplements. With many years of research and millions upon millions of pages, notes, and recipes throughout the millennia, lies the answers to better health from within, secrets to longevity and well-being.

The practice of fermenting foods goes back thousands of years as a means of both preserving and enhancing the good side of foods by many of the worlds varying cultures. By depleting oxygen from the foods being fermented, this allows a change in the make up of bacteria that becomes much more beneficial to the human body and thus better for your gut.

Learn the difference between prebiotics and probiotics 

While no one person is exempt from disease(s), individuals can do much for themselves by using proper techniques and use what is available to them from nature to heal themselves. The body’s ability to heal is strong and a beneficial means to avoiding relying on man made medicines with too many chemicals and side effects associated with them.

After the age of sixty (any age actually), the body behaves differently and a natural boost, in the form of healthy gut bacteria, can only assist in the re-balancing of the body’s ecosystem. In turn, this will allow the organs to function properly for what they were designed for and for the cells to send the proper signals throughout the entire network for maximum functionality.

Friends with Benefits – The Micro Guys

By altering the way microorganisms behave through fermentation, the yeast and bacteria are able to convert carbs (starches and sugars) into more useful forms as those seen in alcohol and acids. This will give the foods that are being fermented better and more productive bacteria that your gut needs for stability and health.


  • Improves digestive health
  • Lowers risk of heart disease and blood pressure
  • Reduces symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Lessens bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea
  • Reduced risk and longevity of common colds and infections
  • Stronger immune system from foods rich in vitamin c, zinc and iron
  • Less stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Allows foods to be digested easier
  • Helps lessen belly fat leading to weight loss
  • Acids in fermented foods can help stabilize diabetes from sugar spikes

One of the other benefits to fermented foods are that humans are not the only ones that can benefit from this practice. Fido and Miss Kitty can benefit as well. Just like their human counterparts, your pets microbiome also needs some attention. After all, you wanted to take care of them by making a commitment to their well-being.

More information about you pets healthy gut can be found here.

A Healthy Gut – A Healthy You

Having a long love affair with foods, it wasn’t until several years ago that yours truly was introduced to problems associated with not only the gut, but debilitating diseases that affect many other parts of the body. Had I known that the effects started many years ago, something could have been done about it then. That means, just as many of you have or are finding out, many years with discomfort that kept you sidelined could have easily been avoided. Nowadays, just as many older folks realize, anything that we can do to elongate good health during our years after sixty (or any age at that), can greatly benefit us for many years to come.

Renewed energy, less stress, more exercise, healthy diets and overall better health can make a person have a glow that says, I have a better outlook on life and I feel good because I take care of myself.  Before long, younger generations will look at you and say, I want to be healthy like that.

It all starts with the gut and with so many recipes that can be found in books or online for anyone to use, feeling better is much closer that most people realize. Please be sure to be smart and use safe practices when fermenting foods as by not heeding safety guidelines can result in not so pleasant results, and yes you guessed it, in your gut.

This is just a scratch on the surface and so many aspects to gut health still needs to be researched and written about in order to make humans as perfect as possible.

Don’t let age fool you, find out why becoming a sexagenarian can be great.

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