When Hell Pays Off

When Hell Pays OffJust when everything is going great, you get a call, an invitation, a rude awakening… it’s life calling you. Somehow it is telling you that in order to succeed, you have to go through hell first. Gut wrenching, pisses you off, got your goad! No matter what, there are dark moments in life that have to be checked off the list and then, and only then, one begins to understand when hell pays off. This is a part of life no one wants to deal with.  If you are one that believes in a higher deity, you know that this is all part of the exam before the big judgment day. For others, it may be the path to success.


The Calling – An Unexpected Experience

You’re at work, busy crunching numbers or writing out a proposal and here comes HR. “Can I speak to you privately in my office, there’s been an incident”. You head is spinning, wondering, did I do something wrong. Are my children alright? Is it about my spouse? A million things start to go through your head, can’t think straight, “what if” starts to take control of your thoughts and every scenario in the world flashes before your eyes. Who, what, why and how do I deal with it.

This is hell’s calling card. The doorbell to your life, pssssttt hey buddy come here, a feeling, heightened senses, suddenly being scared. There is never any forewarning, just the event(s). No matter how the calling occurs, it cannot be ignored. It’s time to deal and maybe, deal hard. Thoughts of God may enter your mind and how life is unfair to you and just don’t need this right now. Welcome To Hell! Before proceeding, a test in life, no matter how easy or hard, has to be taken, now. At this point, one could surely wish that Stephen King were the author of the test, for this would put a definite sinister spin on it, but then again, this is your hell, not his.

The Life Path – Rough Road Ahead The highway of life can be hell to traffic but it pays off.

In a hurry? Guess again! Life’s traffic jam is going to reach out and make your day not so pleasant. It always happens. Sure there are good times and great ones too, and they come in stretches, but, there’s that nasty bump in the road just waiting for you. It is not something anyone can escape.

Something as simple as a trip and fall can become a nightmare. It can run in very slow motion during the event, and like a DVR, it can be played back in your head at all speeds. The same can be said about major accidents to any body parts or extreme incidences. A shooting, an avalanche coming down on you…

In reality, it is all in your head. The speed at which such life events occurs is mind boggling, but they happen and they are real for a reason. Now one can sort of check off that one from the list. Wait, not yet. You still have to go through the proper steps of healing and growing from the experiences before you get to the point where you will realize when hell pays off.

For some it can be the loss of a limb, death of a loved one, and incarceration, financial ruin and more. The realities of life are hard and harsh at times. It allows us to grow and to respect those forces which one cannot control. Any parent can tell you the difficulties of rearing children and how the trials and tribulations affect their lives, but at the same time, let us not forget how different it must be for some parents raising a child with moderate to severe disabilities. What is their hell?

Life can be so unfair. In cases where one is unfortunate enough to have a major accident (not just automobiles), not only going through the pain of the ordeal, but also the pain of healing from it, both physically and emotionally, then comes the possibility of the unseen pain of hell all over again from the medicines side effects.

You can read more about pain here and some of the unforeseen effects.

The Addiction Factors – First One Then TwoSeeing addictions as a living hell.

Before entering hell, many people will go through many years of addictions. For smokers, it is the years of believing the falsehood that a cigarette will calm you down. Yes they will (I smoked for many years myself) and once able to finally quit (cold turkey or any other method), then the smoke will be lifted and realize what a fallacy the thinking process was. Quitting was hell for a while and then, it paid off. Don’t get fooled twice, later down the road, even if one has quit for many years, health related problems may pop up directly caused by that addiction and then the real story will begin to take it is toll.

Alcohol is not much better and when mixed with any kind of drugs, oooh baby look out. There are many types of addictions and each has it is own properties on how an individual reacts. Even if it is just medication, adverse reactions can hamper the well-being of a person and of their character.

It isn’t pretty, it isn’t supposed to be. Unfortunately, when it comes to any type of addiction, one only needs to look at a mirror to see what it is doing to you. They may not see it in the beginning, but eventually it will get their attention. What really matters is that in order to get out of the addiction cycle, one must experience their own hell first. It’s gonna hurt, period!

If you or someone you know is reaching that tipping point where it is time to deal with things at hand, give them personal guidance or direct them to someone that can help. The link at the end of this article, not only offers help to those that need it, but it can also give you some hope by reading other peoples personal stories and their ordeal with hell.

Hell Takes Many Forms – Evil Ways The calling from Hell

You can run but you can’t hide. True that!

For some mysterious reason, it always knows where you are and in a matter of an instant, it beckons you, seduces you, makes promises, and then, it grabs your soul. Escaping the clutches of a personal hell is impossible. You will obey, concede, beg, and some have been known to give up their lives rather than go through it.

It is a life changing ordeal for many whether it is for the good or for a humbling experience that you will forever have to live with. It can leave you imperfect and ugly, but yet, once gotten through, you are a better person inside. A calmness will come over you with just enough strength to continue on, for life.

Take a few moments and take a look at your own life. What are the hell moments for you? What was the calling? A death in the family, perhaps loosing a job and then trying to eke out a way to feed and house a family. For some, it may be as small as being a few pounds overweight, but to them, it is the end of the world. OK so your spouse cheated on you. Is it the end already? No, just the beginning as the fun is about to take center stage in your life and really screw with every bit of your conscious moments. Perhaps some of the dreams will haunt you with thoughts you never imagined, and some will react in the not so nicest of ways. Regardless, you are fully in its clutches and for hell, there’s no letting you go. Not yet at least.

Happiness and Sadness – All In One Event When Hell plays both sides of life.

When you are young, nothing matters. You could tend to care less about what happens to people, at least to some. As life proceeds, the attitude begins to change. Older and wiser starts to take over. Don’t worry, even if you have been through it already, and chances are that you have, hell is still right around the corner well withing a grasp of you.

Some of you may go through life being beaten by an abusive spouse, experience the effects of being bipolar, and others, just plain unlucky at life. This is your hell and it may never let go of you. Some will be brave, while others will just bide their time in life.

It is with great sadness when we learn of much beloved celebrities having to go through their own personal traumas in life. They have spent a lifetime working hard to please us and yet…

Two cases in point, Robin Williams, and Anthony Bourdain. Well loved and respected for their works to entertain us, the public. Both have had different addictions in their lives and managed to survive through the difficult times of recovery and rehab. What was not foreseen were either the mental scars left behind or the reality of a new hell. Either way, they went through hardships that affected them, all the while leaving it unseen to the rest of the world.

Two different paths with a similar ending. For them, this was their moment when it became apparent, and after weighing all the factors, they had finally found the answer that had been searched to suit them. This was their “when hell pays off” moment. For those close to them, it was just a new calling card from hell.

If you know someone who is in need of help, please don’t hesitate to give them a helping hand in dealing with their own personal hell. Pass along the following links/ numbers to those whose life you can change or save.

Recovery Centers of America 1-855-399-3283

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-8900-799-7233 / TTY: 1-800-787-3224

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